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Rules of the Dojo

​ 1. This dojo operates in a strict manner following the traditional rules of proper conduct. Its spirit comes from the Founders of Budo, and is a place for the succession of their teachings. It is the responsibility of each student to honor and sincerely follow these teachings.

​2. It is the responsibility of each student to cooperate in creating a positive atmosphere of harmony and respect.

3. Cleaning is an active prayer of thanksgiving. It is each student’s responsibility to assist in cleaning the dojo and to cleanse his or her own mind and heart.

4. The dojo is not to be used for any purpose other than regularly scheduled classes without the direct permission of Sensei.

​ 5. It is Sensei’s decision whether or not he will teach you. You cannot buy technique. The monthly membership dues provide you with a place to practice and provide you with one small way to show gratitude for the teaching you have received. It is the student’s responsibility to pay dues on time.

6. Respect the Founders and their teachings as succeeded and handed down by Sensei. Respect the dojo, respect your training tools and respect each other.


Rules of Training


1. It is necessary to respect the ancient teachings and philosophy, and the way in which Sensei conveys those teachings.

2. It is the responsibility of each student never to use Budo technique to harm another person or as a way to display ego. It is not a technique of destruction, but of creation. It is a tool to develop a better society through the character development of the individual.

3. There will be no ego conflicts on the training floor. Budo is not street fighting. You are on the floor to transcend and purify your aggressive reactions, to embody the spirit of the samurai by discovering your social responsibility.

4. There will be no competition on the dojo floor. The purpose of Budo is not in fighting and defeating an enemy, but by fighting and defeating your own aggressive instincts. The strengths of Budo are not in muscular force, but in flexibility, communication, timing, control and modesty.

5. Insolence will not be tolerated. We must all be aware of our limitations.

6. Everyone has different physical abilities and different reasons for study. These must be respected. True Budo is the proper and flexible application of technique appropriate to any changing circumstance. It is your responsibility to cause no injury. You must protect your training partner and yourself.

7. Receive Sensei’s instructions and carry out his suggestions for training sincerely and to the best of your abilities. There is no room for argument.

8. All students are studying the same principles. There will be no conflicts of one group against another or choosing sides. The dojo membership is one family, and the secret of Budo is harmony.

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